Comments on Victor Kan from other Ip Man students

Late 1950: - All students who trained with Ip Man (about 40) nick named Victor Kan "King of Chi Sao".

- William Cheng told his brother in Australia: If you want to improve your Chi Sao, the only person you can go to is Victor Kan.

Victor Kan left Hong Kong for Europe in 1960 and returned in 1970.

1972: Bruce Lee lived in the same street as VK in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. One day Bruce phoned him and said: "Thanks for teaching me the Sil NIm Tao" and asked if he was interested in playing a small part in his new film " Game of death".

- Leung Sheung greeted him in Ip Man's funeral: "So glad to see you again after such a long time, you came from so far away".

VK had the honour to carry Ip Man's coffin with his relatives. Ip Chun Ip Ching thanked him afterwards.

1975 - John Young - The chairman of VTTA - commented on him: outstanding in Chi Sao.

1977 - WSL said in a Kung Fu magazine interview: - He is a true talent in Ving Tsun; any westerner who wants to learn real good VT should go to him instead of falling in the wrong hand.

1978 - Chu Shong-tin: - I strongly recommend him to any one who wishes to learn VT correctly.

Early 1980's - At a Dim Sum tea gathering involving Ip Man and his students, Ip Chun said in front of everyone: "My dad said Kan Wah Chit's Kung Fu is very very good.

- Moy Yat invited VK to NY to a seminar at his school. Moy greeted him: Its a great pleasure for me to meet you. I have heard so many good things about you for so many years.

- Tang Sang invited VK to Taiwan. It was the first time they met together with Lo Man Kam. Tang gave a big banquet to welcome VK that night. In his speech, he toasted to VK: We are so happy to meet you eventually after all these years. Sifu Ip Man always gave high comments about you.

Early 1990 - Ip Chun, Ip Ching said in their Seminar in London; "Our father said VK' s Kung fu is very good."

2002 - In an afternoon "Dim Sum tea" get together in Hong Kong. VK, Lok Yiu, Wong Long:

Lok Yiu: I heard so often that your Chi Sau is very good. Wong Long: It is true, because I saw VK in action myself when we trained together in the 50' No arguement about it, we have to give him a lot of respect.

2011 - Leung Sheung's top student Po Kin Wah said to VK in a dinner: Ng Chan aways give you high respect for your Chi Sao.